Friday, 10 February 2017


Hey there,

Welcome to my new blog, Travels of a Transport Nerd! This blog will be updated very regularly, with each bus/train/tram I go on in a different post, then a review of the day afterwards. Anyway, expect the first post to be fairly soon. For now, here are some of my favourite photos of 2017 so far!
An ex-First Enviro 200 on the new (at the time) route 61

An ex-W19 Enviro on the first day these buses transferred onto the 346

An MHV on route 40 in The City, with building works going on opposite

A 'Frogface' Gemini 3 on route 13, halfway down the rammed Oxford Street

A heritage 15 RM at Charing Cross in the evening light

During the Winter Lights festival, an Omnicity leaves Canary Wharf

The light on the front of this bus is amazing. 22:30 and an EH terminates at Liverpool Street

Wow. Just wow. I leave you with a Golden Tours EvoSeti with the Houses of Parliament overshadowing it.

Hope you enjoy the blog!

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