Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Day 1, Part 2: PLUSBUS is my saviour

Yet again, I type this in my hotel room, but at 7:08 in the morning this time. I did have a good night's sleep (or I would've got my money back... it's a Premier Inn!) but there may still be some errors! Also, Blogger isn't working very well on this iPad, so there may be some unnecessary lines left etc. Sorry if there are errors in this post (please point them out, it's how I learn!) Anyway, here's what happened during the rest of yesterday:

After the tricky trip to Torquay, I decided to buy PLUSBUS. I never knew that you could buy it after you had bought the ticket, but you can. So, I was going to go on some buses, but tiredness was kicking in by now. I decided to go to my hotel room (which is great, by the way - much bigger than other Premier Inns) and unpack. It was about 15:00 by then, so great timing!

A rather nice photo, I'd say, just opposite my hotel (where I am now!)
After a quick lie down, it was time to use PLUSBUS! However, I went to the tourist information first and the walk there was via a road, with buses running down it. Here are some photos:
The first day of Torbay Buses operating the 62 to Cockington
A 'Hop 12' Enviro 400 making a trip towards Brixham, seen right next to Torre Abbey Sands
'Rail River Link' Y808 TGH working a short route 100 journey to Churston.
Disgraceful isn't it? They can't be bothered to think of a name other than 'Hop'? A 22 Enviro 400 runs a trip to St Marychurch
 The first bus of the day was an Enviro 400 on the 'Hop 12' route to Brixham. I decided to go all the way, as the unexpected high-backed, leather seats were very comfortable!
WA61KLK on an unusual 'Hop 12' short working to Newton Road ASDA
This part of the post is written the night after, at 22:28

The 'Hop 12' is a very handy route and the only frequent route to Brixham, so it was the same old, same old to get back to Paignton. However, Brixham was a convenient place to stop for dinner and had a Wetherspoon pub. Why not? 😂

Upon arrival back at Torquay, it was decided that I would get a Hop 22 up to St Marychurch, where I could 'Hop' on a 34 (not Hop-branded though!) back into town.

The 'Hop 22' that I 'hop'ped on to St Marychurch, not the Harbour!
A Co-op provided pot porridge for one morning's breakfast (not had it yet, probably will on Thursday) and it was time to walk back to the bus stop! The 34 pretty much pulled in as I got there and the last bus of the day was a rather nice, but rattly Dart back to Cary Parade.
WA56 NNG, after working my 34 back into town

A better day than I thought, apart from the delay on the train. I would've preferred to go on more than 4 buses, but it was definitely worth the money! Today will be put up very soon too!

Hope you enjoyed,

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