Friday, 3 March 2017

Southern Day Part 1: Southern's not too bad!

On February 18th (long time ago now, I know!) I went out and bought a Southern DaySave. Took my life into my own hands. Not just a single or return, but a Southern day ticket! This is how it panned out...

After a nice early start, I hopped on the c2c, Jubilee and Overground and made my way to Croydon. There are coffee shops in Croydon - the only good thing about it! Quite a wait there, but there was a train to catch, so I couldn't drink sitting in the coffee shop unfortunately. 377118 and another unit I didn't get the number of took me down to Horsham, where the train divided.
377118, the front of the dividing train, that took me to Chichester, before continuing to Portsmouth Harbour
I purposefully got in carriage 2 of 8 to be on the Portsmouth Harbour train, not the Bognor Regis part. After Horsham, the Portsmouth Harbour part of the train (that I was getting to Chichester) went pretty fast, calling at Barnham and Chichester before continuing, but the Bognor Regis train went all stations. I'd planned in a while at Chichester, so time to do some bus spotting! Here is a small selection of the best photos:
417DCD, a Stagecoach Enviro 200 with the numberplate from a PD3 on route 600 to Elmer
GX12DXR, a Stagecoach Enviro 400, by 'Chichester Cross' on 'Coastliner' route 700 to Portsmouth
SL64HXJ, a 'The Witterings' branded Stagecoach Enviro 200, by Chichester Cathedral - a great spot for photos!
GX11 AKP, an unbranded Stagecoach Enviro 400, on 'Coastliner' route 700 just opposite Chichester Cathedral.
Find out what happened next in part 2...

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