Saturday, 4 March 2017

Southern Day Part 2: City to the Seaside

On February 18th (long time ago now, I know!) I went out and bought a Southern DaySave. Took my life into my own hands. Not just a single or return, but a Southern day ticket! This is how it panned out...

A busy 377430 going towards London Victoria (don't worry - not heading back yet!) took me to Barnham Station. Yes, Barnham. You've probably never heard of Barnham... well, now you have! No need to look it up, it's the station after Chichester on the lines towards London and Brighton. It's just a village, but is the place to go for trains to Bognor Regis if you can't get a direct one.

377430 arriving at Chichester with a London-bound train
So, after a 7 minute ride to Barnham, time for a 7 minute ride from Barnham on 377413! It actually turned out to be closer to 5 minutes, but it's better than having a really long journey like the first hour and a half!
377413, another Electrostar to take me down to Bognor Regis
And then I was there! I know 20 minutes isn't long for a whole section, but I'm splitting it into places I went. In Bognor Regis, I only encountered a few buses, but one was nice and I got a great photo!
YY66PFZ, a Compass Bus Enviro 200 standing near Bognor Regis seafront on... well, I'm not sure!
I went to the seafront, but you won't really want to see that I don't think! Find out more in part 3!

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