Sunday, 12 March 2017

Southern Day Part 4: NEVER plan a tight connection!

Sorry about the wait between posts, kind of forgot about this :-P

On February 18th (long time ago now, I know!) I went out and bought a Southern DaySave. Took my life into my own hands. Not just a single or return, but a Southern day ticket! this is how it panned out...

After a quick look at Worthing beach, time to walk back to the station! Except it wasn't a leisurely walk, it was more of a RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!!! kind of walk. I had a 4 minute connection at Brighton for the Hastings train, so if I didn't catch this one, I wouldn't make the connection. Luckily, it was a few minutes late leaving Worthing. I just made it with about 1 minute to spare! Phew!
377128, the fairly fast train I caught from Worthing to Brighton. Sorry for the quality, couldn't get a photo at Worthing and had to run for my next train on Platform 8, all the way over the other side of the station!
The train was fairly fast, speeding through about half of the stations between Worthing and Brighton. As the train was pulling in to Brighton, I encountered lots of old Gatwick Express '442' units, including 442406 and 442413
I thought you were supposed to be in Ely?
As I arrived at Brighton, I sprinted for platform 8 and the train had just left... 30 seconds early (Bad for me, but amazing for Southern!). There was a train along to Newhaven in about 20 minutes, so I decided to reverse the plan and go from Brighton to Newhaven, then go to Hastings instead of going from Brighton to Hastings, then to Newhaven. It was a 313, finally! The first non-377 of the day!
313207 at Brighton, about to leave on the train to Seaford
313s are actually fairly nice trains and this one was heading for Seaford. Newhaven was my destination, for multiple reasons! Find out what happened when I got there in part 5!

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