Saturday, 4 March 2017

Southern Day Part 3: Beachy Bognor to Waterside Worthing

On February 18th (long time ago now, I know) I went out and bought a Southern DaySave. Took my life into my own hands. Not just a single or return, but a Southern day ticket! This is how it panned out...

After a nice little trip to Bognor Regis, the next stop was... you guessed it, Wor... Barnham! The title misled you. Or did it?
377413 after dropping me back at Barnham, having just run a trip from Bognor Regis
After (obviously) a hot chocolate from the on-platform coffee shop (handily located on the platform for the London/Brighton trains), it was time for another 377 (377472) for a fairly long trip - about 30 minutes - to Worthing - the title kinda gave it away... right?
377472 on the Southern route towards Brighton.
Then, at Worthing, I only encountered one bus - on route 5, but I got a wave from the driver! Here it is, in lovely light:
The only bus I saw in Worthing (Route 5), with a wave from the driver!
So I ran down to the seafront and then there was a bit of drama... but you'll have to wait until part 4 to hear about that!

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