Thursday, 23 March 2017

Southern Day Part 7: Hastings is a nice place. With lots of buses. And trains to London.

On February 18th (long time ago now, I know!) I went out and bought a Southern DaySave. Took my life into my own hands. Not just a single or return, but a Southern day ticket! this is how it panned out...

After arrival in Hastings, I walked to the seafront with some opportunities for bus photos. Here are some of the best:
SN66VVM, an unbranded E400 MMC on 'The Wave' 100, usually run with branded MMCs
MV54BLU, An ex-Bluebird (Manchester area) Dart working Hastings - Ore rail replacement
Evening light on the seafront and GN12CMV runs a 'Hastings Arrows' 20 to Hollington
SV53DDU, a Dart, runs a 26 to Conquest Hospital. 
Well, it seems the 'Hastings Arrows' 22A and 'The Wave' 99 have swapped vehicles for the day! 'The Wave' GN61EVY works a 'Hastings Arrows' 22A to Hollington and 'Hastings Arrows' GN12CMX works a 'The Wave' 99 to Eastbourne!
With that short walk over, it was time to eat! 'The John Logie Baird' looked like a nice place to eat and Wetherspoons is always cheap, so I went there. A bus-loving human with a satisfied stomach then moved up to the Station. Having just missed a train to London, there was time for some more bus spotting at the main terminus, but (because it was dark) I couldn't get many good shots. There were some GAL commercial buses there for the rail replacement, but the best and most interesting photo is below.
WHAT? AN OLYMPIAN! Wow, I never expected that! R61LHK working rail replacements at Hastings Station
Shortly afterwards, I decided to go into the station to catch the 18:58 towards London Victoria. Freezing to death on the platform, the train finally arrived, 5 minutes after it was supposed to depart. A quick turnaround meant that, about 8 minutes late, we were on the move for the hour and a half journey back to East Croydon.
377136 arriving 5 minutes late into Hastings.
You won't find the 18:58 in the timetable though, as I believe it usually continues to Ore. After arrival in Croydon, it was a normal and very uneventful journey home, arriving at 22:30 - too late!

All in all, a great day!

Hope you enjoyed,

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